The Noserider fin was designed for maximum control and stability while nose riding. The filled-out tip provides the most area possible for drive and hold while moving through sections. Its upright stance lets it pivot and slash easily putting you in the perfect section for extended nose rides. This fin was inspired by some of CJ’s favorite vintage boards and has been CJ’s go-to fin in his Sprout for the last couple of years. Vintage looks with incredible performance.

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The Power Flex was designed by CJ Nelson in order to enhance each aspect of his longboarding style. Originally drawn up in Torquay Australia by CJ, the Power Flex was first foiled by the infamous wiz, Bryon Shire, and put to the test on a complete coastal tour of eastern Australia.

The concept was to make a fin that would merge the noseride capabilities of a Cali style pivot with the spunky slash of legendary Aussie slashing fins known to enhance maneuverability, generate speed out of turns, and steady enough for quick trips up to the nose. The Power Flex was built with a wide base and upright stance that allows for great pivot stalls but also lets you link together turns without losing drive or speed. It’s stiffer flex delivers power and predictability.

We have built these fins in a number of sizes to work with the variety of different surfboard options. CJ rides the 11″ in most of his large logs ranging from 9’8″-10’0″ but will size down to the 10″ or 10.5″ when surfing his smaller logs or eggs in the 8’0″-9’6″ range. He will also adjust depending on how large the surf is or how much torque he is inspired to surf with. Bigger fins for more size and torque.

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The Cali Pivot was originally drawn up by CJ Nelson during the early 90’s in Santa Cruz, CA. After riding tons of boards with multiple tail designs and fin configurations, CJ went to the drawing board to carve out a tip riding rudder that would rival any fin before or after it. He was pushing to find the best noserider to hang ten longer than anyone. After years of enjoyment and slight tweaking, this refined version is the best noseriding fin of all time.

Known for their flex and foil, CJ’s fins keep your noserider fast and loose without losing that pivot and hold.

CJ rides the 11″ Cali Pivot in his big logs ranging from 9’8″-10’0″. For his smaller logs, ranging from 9’0″-9’7′, he likes to use the 10″or 10.5″ Cali Pivot fins.

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The smaller surface area allows this fin to move through the water quickly with less side to side resistance. With its slender profile and speed foil, it’s one of the fastest and loosest fins in the world today. It also smooths out and allows flow in windy or choppy conditions.

CJ rides the Parallax fin in his Parallax and Outlier models, as well as gliders, and any board he’s trying to loosen up. Smaller sizes also work awesome in eggs and mid-lengths.

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This fin is a classic. Drawing on the simple and proven designs of our forefathers, we added subtle elements to this design to optimize it for speed and added power through turns. Clean, simple lines and perfect mid-range flex. The function first concept makes this fin one of the easiest riding fins we’ve ever come across. Lots of control and drive in a beautiful package. A great choice for any single fin longboard.

CJ rides this fin in his involvement logs primarily but also rides it in his Parallax and Outlier models, and gliders when the waves get larger. This fin has less area and a touch more rake than our Power Flex model making it more maneuverable for small wave slashing.

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Pivot fins are a staple in longboard surfing, and always the best choice when noseriding is your focus. After 30 years of riding pivot fins, this is the new brainchild of CJ Nelson. Adding a little more rake for drive and rounding out the tip allows this fin to perform on another level. Offering more drive and flow than your average pivot.

CJ rides this fin in most of his pintail logs or his beloved noserider, the Sprout, if he wants to add a bit more drive and flow. As tails narrow or pin, we add more rake for more ergonomic steering and hold. With increasing interest in pintails and boards with more pulled-in tails, the Classic Pivot was born.  This classic profile and it’s rigid-flex foil make this fin a mega functional addition to any log.

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The two plus one center is a classic. Ridden for 25 years plus in CJ’s performance longboards, this one is foolproof. Just enough rake to give you that continuous speed needed to link turns on a longboard but upright enough to keep you mobile and free. This one will never disappoint.

Ride this fin in any 2 plus 1 longboard, egg, mid-length, or glider. The neutral outline makes this fin easy to accompany with any side bites depending on your taste. Its upright stance and speed foil gives you the speed you need without tracking while keeping your direction change easy and flowing.

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